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Review: Testing Timers SAT & ACT Watches

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As the second half of the school year starts, many students are beginning to (hopefully) prepare for the national standardized tests that high school students need to gain admission to most every college in America. After all the days you have been studying, preparing, and working hard there is one more thing that can dramatically help you score higher on your SAT or ACT Exam; drum roll please…. the new SAT/ACT watches from Testing Timers.

The sTest (SAT) and aTest (ACT) watches are simply an incredible idea! Most importantly, these slim watches are legal to wear into the testing room for both the SAT and ACT. The watches are lightweight and are super easy to set up, view and monitor your test-taking speed.

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While the watch cannot look up definitions of words, nor can it write a three page essay on the topic of World War II, remember it is simply a watch. But what the Testing Timer watch can and will do is definitely help monitor your time better on the exams, in turn which gives you the opportunity to score the maximum number of points, which in turn helps you achieve a higher score.

Separate watches for each exam: the aTest and sTest watches are both very user-friendly watches, with only four buttons on the top left & right, and on the bottom left & right of the watches. The buttons, going clockwise from top left, are Test Mode, Start/Pause, Quit, and Watch Mode.

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How the watches work: as you are about to start the exam, click the Test Mode button and scroll through to select which section of the test you’re taking, and press Start.

The watch will then tell you how many minutes are remaining in that section in very big, easy-to-see, black and white text, plus the total time for that section, plusThe Track feature, which shows you which question you should be on in order to keep you on track and time, in order to finish all the questions in that specific section.

I took a practice SAT exam in order to thoroughly review the Testing Timer Watch, and with the help of the sTest and the Track feature, I successfully answered every single question in all of the sections before the time ran out. I would highly suggest that you use the Testing Timers Watch in a practice test situation before using the watch in an actual exam as well.

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I highly recommend buying the sTest or aTest watches (or both)! It almost seems as if they shouldn’t be allowed in Exam Sites, as they are so useful in both the exam preparation and real exam process too! Bottom line: if you want to do well on the SAT or ACT exam, focus on your study preparation, released practice exams, and getting yourself the Testing Timers SAT/ACT watches and leave the stress of not finishing all the questions to Testing Timers.

You can read more about and purchase the aTest and the sTest watches on the Testing Timers website for $45.99 each, or for $79.99 for a combo pack of the two.

Also, make sure to look for my exclusive interview with Jordan Liss, the founder of Testing Timers, coming soon!

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