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Review: Megaphone by en&is

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The gorgeously designed Megaphone Amplifier for iPhone created by the Italian company en&is is designed to boost the sound coming from your iPhone or iPod Touch without the use of electricity. People all over the world are using speakers with their iDevices to listen to music, watch movies, or using them for conference calls. The ingenious team at en&is have created this very stylish, yet sophisticated, Megaphone Amplifier which supports almost every iPhone (except the 1st generation iPhone) and is also compatible with the iPod touch. The Megaphone is available in three very distinctive colors; white, black, and gold. The white or black Megaphone costs around $500 USD (399.00 €), and the gold will cost around $800 USD (599.00 €). The Megaphone itself is made out of ceramic and was designed to amplify and optimize the sound for the best output without the need for power or electricity. More on this in my review!


In my review period, I listened to a variety of music – from dubstep to country – to make sure the Megaphone was tested with a full mix of audio sounds. After completing multiple tests, I realized that the amplifier could easily triple the volume of your iPhone or iPod Touch’s speaker. However, the amplifier lacked bass when listening to dance songs, also, when sitting very close to the Megaphone the audio sounds high-pitched and has a very small listening radius… but both of these issues become less noticeable when the distance between you and the device increases. For a sound test, please watch the video below.


The design of the Megaphone is second to none. Every Megaphone is hand-made in Italy, and it truly is a work of art. The Megaphone looks like something Apple would make, with all the sleek, smooth lines and curves. The Megaphone is a great conversation piece to have in your living room or another large area, but for smaller living quarters, the MegaPhone may overwhelm the space coming in at 17l by 12w by 13h.


The Megaphone by en&is is a very unique amplifier for your iPhone or iPod touch. It’s a beautiful work of art, and if you are an art collector or have a passion for music and design, this is definitely the speaker to get. You can read more about the Megaphone and purchase the amplifier on en&is’ website.

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