Review: Lunatik Flack Jacket for iPad Mini

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Flak Jacket

Whenever I go on trips, whether it be all the way across the country or to the grocery store, I always bring my iPad Mini. If you are a person that brings their Apple tablet everywhere, then you have already have a jacket or cover… but now you may want to take a hard look at your previous purchases because Lunatik has just introduced a great new productive iPad Mini sleeve, The Lunatik Flak Jacket.

The Flak Jacket is a lightweight sleeve for iPad Mini that is made out of a protective three-dimensional polyurethane, that is commonly used in footwear and performance outerwear. It is available in three different colors – dark black, cool mint, or bright pink. The Flak Jacket is extremely well-designed to provide top-notch protection against impact and abrasion resistance. Inside the Flak Jacket sleeve, microfiber lines the interior which cradles the iPad Mini with a super soft, snug fit.

My favorite thing about the Flak Jacket sleeve for iPad Mini is not only the protection it adds, but that it allows me to use my iPad naked (without a case), yet still offer me protection when transporting my device. This way, I can fully enjoy my iPad and it’s incredible design as Apple intended.

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Another thing that makes the Flak Jacket special is the neat addition of a magnet, which allows for an easy open/close and is definitely an upgrade over other cases which use velcro or elastics. Also, the Flak Jacket is iPad Smart Cover friendly – which means that there is no need for you to take your Apple Smart Cover off your Mini when putting it in the Flak Jacket, the Mini, Smart Cover-and-all will fit into the sleeve no problem.

All in all, the Flak Jacket, in my opinion, is one of the best cases for the iPad Mini I have seen so far and it would make a perfect holiday gift for you or a loved one coming in at just $49. The durable and hard, yet flexible, outside paired with soft and cushiony inside protect your iPad Mini without any added bulk.


The Lunatik Flak Jacket also fits perfectly for the Kindle Fire HD/X, Nexus 7, Nook HD, as well as the Galaxy Tab 2 & 3.

You can read more about and purchase the Flak Jacket for iPad Mini on Lunatik’s website.

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