Review: Dock Artisan Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker & Redwood iPhone 4/4S Dock

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I’ve always been intrigued by combining old & new products together, so when I stumbled upon Dock Artisan’s website, I was very interested!

Dock Artisan is a small audio company based out of Murphys, California that creates beautiful iPhone and iPad docks out of re-claimed wood. All of their docks and speaker systems are truly a work of art.

The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker System


Dock Artisan’s Bamboo Bluetooth speaker is an incredible piece of technology merging together bamboo with high-tech Bluetooth technology to allow audio streaming on your Bluetooth-compatible tablet or phone anywhere, anytime.

The construction and materials used in the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker are of very high quality and in my week of rigorous testing, I hadn’t noticed any scratches or dents, which is pretty impressive considering all of my tests.

The bamboo wood used in the Bluetooth Speaker is California locally grown bamboo, which adds a unique touch to each speaker system, meaning no two speakers are alike.

Pairing the dock with Bluetooth was very simple, just turn on your speaker and Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, and you’ll be connected in no time! The Bamboo Speaker System can stream audio wirelessly up to 30-feet, which isn’t bad for a Bluetooth speaker system.

The quality of the music being streamed from my phone was on and off. It works great if you leave the iPhone very close to the speaker unit, but as you begin to your phone away, the quality of the audio noticeably decreases.

Overall, the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker System from Dock Artisan is a very solid product and it truly is a work of art. That said, the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t compare to the newer, cheaper Bluetooth speakers available on the market today in terms of sound quality.

I would recommend the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker System to anyone that loves to listen to music and wants to have a beautiful piece of art that can stream that music wirelessly. The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker System is available from Dock Artisan’s website starting at $250 USD.

The Redwood iPhone 4 Dock


The Redwood iPhone 4 Dock from Dock Artisan is, as you can expect from my previous review, of very high quality materials and style. The wood used in this Redwood iPhone dock is from Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every year, storms come through these mountains and blow over trees and break their limbs, Dock Artisan gives these trees new life through these exquisite iPhone docks and speakers.

The sound quality on the Redwood iPhone Dock is crystal clear and I didn’t have any problems with the device. Bass came out very deep and all notes played true, which is pretty incredible coming from these famous trees!

The dock can be controlled via remote control, but the best feature about this dock is that once fully charged, music can be played cordless for up to 8 hours, a nice feature for people who are on the go!

Overall, the Redwood iPhone 4/4S Dock is a beautiful piece of art just like the iPhone itself. With the exceptional design, crystal-clear sound quality, and the ease of use on the go, I would recommend this dock to people who have a keen eye for design, but still seek functionality in their mobile products.

You can read more about and purchase the Redwood iPhone 4/4S dock for $200 USD on Dock Artisan’s site here.

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