Review: CalypsoCrystal Dune CrystalDock

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Calypso Crystal is a company that is all about luxury, style, and cutting edge. The CrystalDock definitely shows all of the above mentioned qualities and much, much more. However, can it compete with the technology powered iHome docks? Is it really worth the extra money?

All of these questions and more will be answered in my review of the Dune CrystalDock by Calypso Crystal.



The Dune CrystalDock is all about elegance, luxury, and simplicity, from how the dock is made precisely hand-cut to create asymmetric waves, and then polished to achieve a crystalline shine that sparkles in the sunlight, to the way the dock can be used, as a charging station for your iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, or 3G.


The Dune CrystalDock does not yet support the iPhone 5 and it’s new Lightning charger design, but CalypsoCrystal has announced that they are working on a iPhone 5/Lightning version that will be coming out soon.

The lines carved into the Dune CrystalDock are incredibly detailed and very alluring to the eye. The crystal used in the Dune is of very high quality, and is sleek and luxurious enough to be found in a office or library, yet simple enough to be used on a kitchen counter to charge your iPhone. The dock is extremely sophisticated and would complement any executive’s desk or bedside table.


I appreciate how sleek and functional the dock is as well, with a well-thought-out slot in the back of the Dune for your charging Apple iPhone charging cable, as well as it only weighing in at just 350 grams, it is light, yet portable enough to carry with you wherever you go.

I highly recommend purchasing the Calypso Crystal Dune CrystalDock for the iPhone 4/3 models as it is luxurious, yet sophisticated. You can read more about and purchase the CrystalDock or any other of Calypso Crystal’s incredible products on their ****website. The CrystalDock starts at $119 and the most expensive is $349.

Make sure to check out my gallery below for more awesome HD shots of the Dune CrystalDock.

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