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Quick Review: Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone 5S

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The Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone is exactly what it says it’s going to be: a simple, thin, and branding-free iPhone case that showcases the incredible design of the iPhone 5S.

The Peel Case weighs in at just 0.35mm thick, which is perfect for people who love to have the “naked” feel on their beloved Apple smartphone.

The Peel case ships in three different color variations that resemble that of the iPhone 5S – Black, Gold, & White. I reviewed the Gold version of the case, and I would definitely recommend the Gold color option to everyone who wanted to purchase the champagne-gold iPhone 5S, but due to low stock & high demand, were not able to get acquire one. The gold finish on the Peel Super Thin Case definitely satisfies my champagne/gold smartphone woes, as it makes my new Black / Slate Grey iPhone 5S look more like the Gold iPhone that I thought I really wanted.

As far as protection for your iPhone goes using the Peel case, I would not say that protection is it’s strongest selling-point, however protection was not #1 on the priority list when designing this product.

The Peel Case for iPhone 5S is an excellent case for people who love to use (and show off!) a “naked”-feeling iPhone 5S, and the complete branding-free, see-through, and thin design of the Peel Super Thin Case definitely add to it’s appeal. However, if your protection needs for your iPhone 5S are a little higher than setting it down on tables or the occasional drop, I would recommend looking at a bit heavier/bulkier cases to protect your iPhone.

The Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, & 4/S are available on Peel’s website for an amazing deal of just $20.

Make sure to check out my gallery below for more pictures of the Peel Super Thin Case for iPhone 5S in Gold!


  1. Delores Lewis

    I’ve been collecting iPhone cases for 3 years and this one is the thinnest iPhone 5 case I’ve seen thus far. I’m looking forward to adding this one to the collection. I have over 45 cases at this point. Yea I’m a bit of a fanatic but it’s a hobby of mine.

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