Pre-WWDC: What You Should Do

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Tomorrow’s the big day – Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off tomorrow (June 2nd) in beautiful San Francisco!

Apple has a Keynote planned for 10AM Pacific time tomorrow morning, and in it they are rumored to be announcing the latest version of their iOS software, iOS 8, which will officially ship sometime this fall.

If you want to get your hands on iOS 8 early, you need to register your iPhone’s UDID through a developer’s account so your iPhone doesn’t become bricked or unusable.

In my opinion, the best website to do this is iOSReg. To register your UDID, it is just $3.99 and you will have an email confirmation and your iPhone registered in under 1 minute — which is the fastest UDID register-time available on the internet! Here is the full link: www.iosreg.com

If you need any help registering your iDevice or have any predictions or comments about the WWDC Keynote tomorrow morning, make sure to drop your comments below!

Also, look for another post coming later this week with a full iOS 8 walkthrough!



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