Review: Une Bobine Charging Cord for iPhone

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Charging cables for iPhones have always recieved a bad rap: it’s too short, it breaks too easily, or it’s a hassle to actually plug your iPhone into the charging slot – the cord is all knotted up, you have to fumble around with the Lightning connector, etc. In turn, many resort to purchasing charging docks/stations for their smartphones.

Jon Fawcett, the founder and CEO of [Fuse] Chicken, has set out to change all these negative experiences. His goal: to perfect the iPhone charging cable experience. His product: Une Bobine. [Fuse] Chicken indeed changes the charging cable industry.

Funded through Kickstarter, Une Bobine is a metallic, yet bendable Lightning-to-USB iPhone charger. Simply adjust the cable based on your viewing preference. Une Bobine is also surprisingly sturdy. It truly can hold your iPhone at almost any angle/position you want – this comes in very handy for FaceTiming (no more up-the-nose shots!), using your iPhone as an extension of your computer, shooting video, and the best part… the Une Bobine also doubles as a car mount!


The “car-mount” feature of Une Bobine is really incredible as it cradles your iPhone like a GPS-mounted system in your car… but you don’t have to have it stuck in the same place – you can move it to any position/angle that best suits your needs at the time!
Another great thing about Une Bobine is that it may also support future iPhone generations (hopefully coming out this Fall!) because of the Lightning cable technology.

Une Bobine works with most iPhone cases as well (a major plus over the official Apple iPhone 5/5S Charging Dock that doesn’t support any cases!). Note: I say it works with most cases. During my testing of Une Bobine, I found that it doesn’t support my Apple leather case-line for the iPhone 5S, much like the official Apple dock. Other than that little nitty-gritty, I found no other cons of using [Fuse] Chicken’s Une Bobine!

All in all, Une Bobine is a pretty straightforward cord that blurs the lines between iPhone charging cables and docks. Une Bobine has an unexpected, but useful feature that allows it to be doubled as a in-car GPS mount for your iPhone. You can read more about Une Bobine and purchase this neat charging cord off of [Fuse] Chicken’s website here.


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