Review: Ted Baker iPhone Leather Style Pouch

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Are you a trend-setter? What about fashion? Looking for a new, stylish iPhone case? Well look no further – Ted Baker, the famous London designer, has partnered with Proporta to create a new pouch for your iPhone 4 or 4S. The new iPhone pouch is available in two unique colors – Black with an orange Bulldog lining or Brown with a red Spacemen lining. The newly released Ted Baker Pouch is made of the highest quality faux leather, and each is handmade for your pouch. Is new always the best? Can this pouch stand up to other competitors in the iPhone Accessories market? More on this in my review!

Product Quality

The leather in the TB iPhone Pouch is custom-made for your individual case. The leather of the TB Pouch is very soft and subtle, but thick and hard enough to protect your iPhone against scratches or accidental drops. The Ted Baker iPhone Pouch is truly a high-quality case, from the hand-made leather, to the Ted Baker design on the inside of the case, there is no doubt that the effort and keen eye of design is what makes this pouch so beautiful. I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about the quality of the product, it was a very high-quality iPhone accessory.


The TB iPhone Pouch uses a unique string pulley system to get the iPhone out of the pouch – to get the iPhone out of the case, you need to pull down on the lace charm and then that pushes the iPhone up out of the case. This works very well for normal, everyday use, but when you want to access your iPhone more quickly, such as answering a phone call, or responding to a text, the pulley system adds another step to using your iPhone.


The Ted Baker iPhone Leather Pouch is a very stylish, high-end accessory for the iPhone 4 or 4S. The leather, albeit faux, used in the product is second-to-none. The interior design of the case is terrific as well, but, the pulley/lace system used to take your iPhone out of the case is cumbersome and adds another step to getting your iPhone out of the case. I would recommend this pouch to people who love to have great quality, design, and protection in an iPhone case. You can read more about and purchase the Ted Baker iPhone Leather Pouch for $50 on Proporta’s website.


  1. Masson

    Nice case, but I would recommend the Pong Research iPhone case over this.

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