Review: Olloclip lens for iPhone

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Designed by a startup duo in California, the Olloclip was a project successfully funded by The accessory brings the functionality of three lenses to your iPhone 4 or 4S, macro, fish-eye, and wide-angle, and it almost does that well enough for you to leave the professional equipment at home! I had a blast shooting with the Olloclip, and I think you will too. Read on in my review of the Olloclip to find out why!


The Olloclip is very easy to use. You don’t need to install any software, though it’s compatible with any and all iPhone apps. And mounting or swapping lenses just takes a second. I also want to point out that using the wide-angle lens for shooting video was a completely different experience than without the lens. When shooting video, you can definitely see what you’re missing when shooting without the Olloclip. (See video and image samples below)


At first glance, the Olloclip only appears to include two lenses, but unscrewing the wide-angle reveals the cleverly hidden macro lens. To use any of the built-in lenses, simply slide the Olloclip over the iPhone’s camera. The Olloclip fits quite snug, so you can rotate the phone, walk around, and even slip your phone into a bag without worrying about the lens slipping off. It’s also easy to reposition — to swap the wide-angle for the fisheye, for example, just flip the entire clip around so that the lens you want to use is facing forward.

The Olloclip comes with lens caps for both primary lenses, and a small carrying pouch that also doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth. The device is available with either black or red barrels – both constructed from high-quality aluminum. The multi-element lenses are constructed of precision-ground glass, and that’s clearly reflected in the image quality I was able to achieve.

Image Quality
Pictures I shot with all three lenses were sharp and vibrant, and very distinctive from those captured with the iPhone’s native lens. Some pictures had barrel distortions, but for the fish-eye lens, that’s the point right?

I was most impressed with the macro lens, which basically functions as a powerful magnifying glass for your iPhone. I was able to capture incredible detail with this lens. This point alone is enough to justify the expense of adding the Olloclip!

Sample Pictures


Overall, the Olloclip gives the iPhone’s camera a much-needed lift with three filters and fun effects. I’d especially recommend it for both professional and novice photographers who love adding effects to their photos while keep the quality of their images very high. You can read more about and purchase the Olloclip here.

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