Review: NOMAD’s ChargeCard & ChargeKey

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In the ever-evolving, technology-run world that we live in today, running out of battery is a big worry for most people. But fear no more, NOMAD has got you covered.

NOMAD Goods recently announced their two new products, the ChargeCard & ChargeKey. Both of which are super small USB chargers that will make sure you are never without a charging cord for your smartphone or tablet.

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The ChargeCard is a credit card-inspired USB charger that is thin enough to fit inside your wallet. The ingenious slide-out-USB design allows for easy access to a charging cord no matter where you are.

The ChargeKey, being the most recent addition to the NOMAD line of products, is shaped exactly how you would picture it, like a key. The key-inspired design can conveniently attach to a key ring, which makes the ChargeKey ultra-portable, coming in at just 2.5 inches long. Another key feature of the ChargeKey is it’s ability to effortlessly bend up or down to fit any charging position’s needs.

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One thing that I felt was lacking when using the ChargeCard or ChargeKey to charge your smartphone, it is very awkward and nearly unable to use the phone while plugged in due to the compact design of the ChargeCard/ChargeKey. Perhaps this will be fixed in the coming versions by adding a cord that can extend to allow for more comfortable usability while charging.

Overall, both the ChargeKey and the ChargeCard are terrifically designed and innovated accessories that change the way you think about and charge your phone. I found myself not even needing to bring charging cables on long trips, as I just used ChargeCard or ChargeKey whenever I needed to, wherever I needed to.

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Just coming in at $25 for each, the ChargeCard or ChargeKey will perfectly compliment your iPhone or other USB-enabled smartphone. You can read more about and also purchase the ChargeCard or ChargeKey at NOMAD’s website here.

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