Review: Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones

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I listen to music a lot. Whether it be when I’m working out, running, or relaxing by a pool. It’s a daily part of my life. I believe to get the most out of your music, you need to hear it with a good pair of headphones. So naturally when I heard about the Jabra Sport Headphones I knew I had to get a pair, and write a review on them. So, can these headphones compete in the competitive, over-populated in-ear headphone market? How do they compare to the popular Beats By Dre iBeats? For all of this and more, keep reading my review of the Jabra Sport Headphones!


After using these for the last week, I am pleased to say that these headphones are extremely comfortable. As soon as you put them on, you forget that you are even wearing headphones! They stay in your ears well, without feeling too loose. That said, they might not be as comfortable for people with smaller or delicate ears.

Sound Quality / Calling

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality with the Jabra Sport. Bass came through very clearly, and there was no sound distortion whatsoever. The Jabra Sport was definitely created for people with an active lifestyle, and always on the move (running, working-out, walking, working in the garden, etc.)! These are not leisure headphones for long car trips or airplane rides.

Calls made through the Jabra Sport headphones were quite good. I was a little skeptic about the microphone being so far from my face, but I was quite impressed with it. Callers could hear me with no trouble at all. Hearing the call in both ears also makes it much easier to hear when you’re in a noisy surrounding.

Similar to other Jabra headsets, the Sport announces callers and informs you when the headset has been turned on or off, is in pairing mode, and allows for voice commands. These features work fairly well.(Caveat: although I never completely trust voice commands, still I always double-check the screen to ensure it’s calling the right person.)


Overall, these headphones are great for people who live an active lifestyle and want freedom from wires and the ability to easily answer calls and switch back to their music afterwards, without taking a break from their activity. However, if you’re an audiophile, you may want to keep looking. You can read more about and purchase the Jabra Sport here.

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