Checkmark 2 - Lists

Review: Checkmark 2 for iPhone

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Checkmark 2 - Lists

The original Checkmark to-do list application for iPhone was a stellar app. Now, with the newly released Checkmark 2 by Snowman, an already powerful to-do list manager, has now become even more of a productivity powerhouse.

The new Checkmark 2 adds a slew of new useful features, including, but not limited to: the popularly requested “List” view; one tap rescheduling of tasks; and iCloud support.

“List view” allows for multiple tasks to be grouped together under one common category – which is really helpful for projects (school, business, etc), as well as for simple lists (new movies or food to try).

One-tap rescheduling is also a new feature that is included in the new Checkmark 2, which makes it super easy to push a due date ahead by minutes, hours, or days in one simple tap!

iCloud support is another popularly-requested feature added in Checkmark 2. This feature may not seem that important now, however after you use Checkmark 2 and create multiple to-dos, lists, locations, etc, you would hate to have all that data be lost if something were to happen to your iPhone. That’s where the iCloud backup comes in and it will automatically sync and backup all of your data.

The design of Checkmark 2 truly envisions and adopts the wonderful, flat elements of iOS 7, yet adds it’s own unique style too! The cool shades of green, grey, paired with the white backdrop typical in iOS 7, really come together quite well to create a totally eye-alluring application, that is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use.

Checkmark 2 (Light)

When it all comes down to it, a to-do list application really needs to do one thing quite well: create tasks quickly and efficiently. I must say that Checkmark 2 excels in this realm.

In Checkmark 2, you create tasks to three different categories: location-based, time-based, or as a list. For me, the location-based task ability is really useful.

For instance, when I am out and about and see an advertisement for a new movie that is coming out, I can quickly add a task in Checkmark 2 to remind me when I get home to look up showing times for this new movie – pretty handy stuff!

Organizing tasks into Lists is also a great way to break down those big, hefty projects into smaller, more obtainable goals!

One thing that I think is lacking in Checkmark 2 is syncing with Apple’s built-in Reminders app. What this does is it syncs the Reminders app tasks with the tasks you have already created in Checkmark 2. This allows you to make changes or add tasks from the Reminders app on your Mac, and then have it synced to your iPhone via the iCloud.

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Overall, Checkmark 2 is an uber-smart, task productivity manager for your iPhone all in one clean, simple app, and for just the price of a cup of coffee ($2.99)! Checkmark 2 has already helped save me time and money, just by making my life more organized.

You can read more about and purchase Checkmark 2 from the Snowman’s website, or the through the App Store.

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