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Peel Case Review

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Like many others, I really like the feel of my iPhone with no case. Mainly because most cases add too much bulkiness to the extremely thin-design of the device. That said, letting your iPhone go “naked” without a case for protection is extremely risky!

iPhones are by no means unbreakable – just typing ‘shattered iPhone’ into Google comes up with almost two million images of smashed Apple smartphones.

Now, with the new thinner/bigger designs of both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it makes these screens even more susceptible to shattering! Worry no further, my cybersphere friends! Peel cases for iPhone 6/Plus have you covered!

I really appreciate the incredible design of the iPhone 6/Plus (major creds to Jony Ive!). Therefore, protecting my iPhone with a big, bulky case kind of defeats the purpose of the phone’s ultra-thin design. The Peel case is super-thin. Coming in at just 0.35mm thick, Peel is so thin that it almost feels like I don’t have a case on my iPhone!

So, what’s another awesome thing about all of Peel’s cases? They are 100% branding free, so your iPhone will look as minimalistic as possible. No annoying or obtrusive logos here!


Now, you might be thinking: “If the Peel case is so thin, it probably won’t protect my precious iPhone very well.” But hold on! During my time with the case, the Peel actually did a very good job of protecting my iPhone. From accidental drops (from about hip-height), to resting it on a table, to falling out of the car, the Peel case definitely proved it can protect an iPhone just as well as some of the other cases on the market. That said, however, the Peel case probably doesn’t fair as well when you drop your iPhone from any higher than hip-height, as compared to cases from LifeProof or Otterbox, for example (but the slim design wins out for me!).

One semi-irritation/complaint that many people have had with the newest generation of iPhones is that the back camera protrudes from the device, causing a bit of wobbliness when the iPhone is laid flat. (See CultOfMac’s post here). Problem solved when using the Peel case! It is just thick enough to put a stop to the wobbliness caused by the sixth-generation’s camera lens sticking out. Peel case also helps protecting your iPhone’s camera lens! By not having the lens stick out, the Peel case protects the lens from everyday scratches, dust, etc that forms when you set your device down on a table or counter-top. Top-notch design!

The Peel case is absolutely perfect for people who don’t like having a case on their iPhone, and at the same time don’t want to damage their precious Apple smartphone. Peel’s super-thin cases are (you guessed it!) super thin, they protect your iPhone and its camera, they are completely 100% branding free, and they come in three different classy colorways to match your iPhone – gold, silver, or black. Additionally, coming in at just $24.99, the Peel case is a perfect gift for that special techie-someone.

You can read more about, and purchase Peel cases for iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus on Peel’s website here.

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