Pebble Steel Review: The Executive Smartwatch

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Smartwatches are definitely “in” right now, and Pebble is leading the way! In 2012, Pebble launched a Kickstarter campaign for a future-esque LED-backlit (black and white) smartwatch, and has ever since been the leader in the smartwatch industry.

Pebble’s newest smartwatch the Pebble Steel: a sleeker, more modern version of it’s predecessor, the original PebbleThe main difference between the two watches you may ask? It’s all about the design. In fact, that is the only difference. The $199 Pebble Steel has the exact same tech-specs as the Pebble on the inside, but the outside is a whole new ballgame!

Pebble Steel

The design, accentuating the Steel’s sleek aluminum edges and options of either a leather or metallic watch bands, is very reminiscent of an Apple product. Compared to the original Pebble’s plastic-y outer shell, the Pebble Steel is definitely the more luxurious, and executive of the two.

The Pebble Steel is also considerably heavier than it’s predecessor, because of it’s stainless steel casing, and weighs in at a dignified 56g compared to Pebble’s 38g.

There are even more great hardware features about the Pebble Steel too! It is waterproof, shower- and swim-friendly. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to blast some Katy Perry while taking a shower, look no further! The Pebble Steel has you covered.

Pebble Steel

In addition, both the Pebble and the new Pebble Steel have a Kindle-like LED display that makes reading your Steel incredibly easy, even in bright sunlight.

On the software side, The Steel still does all the cool stuff the original Pebble can do: receives notifications for texts, emails, and your all-important Candy Crush, as well as controls music playback, and even checks in on Foursquare or Yelp… all right from your wrist!

With your iPhone or Android phone, you can sync up to eight apps to your Pebble Steel from the Pebble appstore (no, that’s not a typo, that’s what Pebble calls it). Here, you can download new watch faces, games, or apps like Foursquare and Yelp. Personally, I mainly used the Steel for notifications and as a watch.

Pebble Steel

Another thing that sets the Steel apart from the pack is the long-lasting battery life. The Steel easily lasted for five days straight without needing a charge. Pretty impressive for such a small piece of technology!

While the concept and design is very cool, for some, the practicality may be lacking. Sure, using Yelp to find an awesome sushi restaurant for lunch on my wrist is pretty neat, but why click the buttons eight-to-nine times on a little black-and-white LED display when I could just pull out my iPhone instead? The idea of it is definitely cool but it’s utility is a bit lacking (for now).

Pebble Steel

All in all, the Pebble Steel is definitely one of the best smartwatches on the market right now. Easily being able to access notifications, control music, and keep the time with beautiful watch faces all on your wrist is pretty impressive.

If you really want to get a smartwatch right now, the $199 Pebble Steel is your best bet. However, with the Apple Watch launching later this year, the Pebble Steel may soon have some competition. You can read more about and purchase the Pebble and Pebble Steel on Pebble’s website here.


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