Aecraft Peak for MacBook Air Review

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Aecraft Peak is one of the newest MacBook Air cases/sleeves to hit the Mac third-party accessories market. The big question is, can Peak compete in the already overpopulated Computer Case marketplace?

In short, Peak crushes it!  Clever innovation, thoughtful design and functional material, adapts the successful “iPad case concept” and revamps the design for use with Apple’s MacBook Air

Peak’s landmark feature, is the exceptional folding concept!  This unique concept provides the user with an easier and more comfortable typing experience plus protection in transport.   Much like Apple’s iPad Smart Cover case, Peak folds in upon itself to create a laptop stand and a comfort wrist rest, that is at the perfect angle for typing. I know what you’re thinking… “I can type just fine” or “How can my typing be even more comfortable?”.


Peak has two different snap-in-clip buttons: one that keeps the laptop sleeve shut, and one that elevates the laptop for easier typing. The design and concept both very straightforward! Here’s how to do it in two easy steps:

— Take out your Macbook Air

— Snap in the first-from-the-top clip to create the typing angle

— That’s all there is to it!

Now to the typing angle concept, overall…Pretty good (albeit, somewhat hard to explain!).  Elevated typing with Peak just feels… right.   Simply, it is one of those things that you didn’t know was great until you tried it.

Peak even offers health benefits! Using Aecraft’s sleeve lowers the possible risk of arthritis because of the elevated typing angle (probably helps with carpal tunnel too!). All in all, Peak is both healthier and more comfortable for your fingers than just typing with your MacBook flat on the table!

Last but not least, the innovative use of two sturdy, complementary materials provides a great “look” and the felted back design makes for a built-in backing…your laptop slides effortlessly around your work space, with no more scratch/streak marks on your work space.

Now utilizing Acecraft Peak with my MacBook Air daily,  I can’t believe I have lived without it for so long.   And for just $190, Peak arrives on the accessory market very well priced!


The Peak truly is a triple threat MacBook Air accessory — acting as a case to protect while transporting your MacBook Air, as an elevation stand for your laptop and, and also offers a built-in, ergonomically correct stand for ease of typing!  You can read more about and purchase Peak for MacBook Air for $190 on Aecraft’s website.

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